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CEE™ Common Event Expression: A Unified Event Language for Interoperability
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Version 1.0-Alpha Archive

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CEE Version: 1.0-Alpha Status: Archive Date: August 13, 2012

CEE Specifications

CEE Architecture Overview Specification, Version 1.0α

The CEE Overview provides a high-level overview of CEE along with details on the overall architecture and introduces each of the CEE components including the CEE Profile, CEE Log Syntax, and the CEE Log Transport. The CEE Overview is the first in a collection of documents and specifications, whose combination provides the necessary pieces to create the complete CEE event log standard.

CEE Profiles Specification, Version 1.0α

The CEE Profile allows for the improved interpretation and analysis of event data by allowing users to define how events are structured and what data they provide. The Profile consists of three components that provide a standardize field dictionary, event taxonomy, and base requirements for CEE-compatible events.

CEE Log Syntax (CLS) Specification, Version 1.0α

The CLS Specification describes the requirements for encoding and decoding for a Common Event Expression (CEE) Event, and provides encoding declarations for XML and JSON event records.

CEE Log Transport (CLT) Specification, Version 1.0α

The CEE Log Transport (CLT) provides the technical support necessary for a secure and reliable log infrastructure. The CLT Specification defines a listing of requirements conformant log transports must meet. In addition, the CLT defines transport mappings, which define a standard methodology for transmitting encoded CEE Event Records over certain protocols.

CEE Schemas

Below are the XML Schemas for the CEE v1.0α release. The corresponding v1.0-alpha specifications can be found in the CEE Specifications section.

Base Event cee.xsd The base CEE Event Schema for CEE XML Events, as defined in the CEE Profile and CLS XML specifications. XSD
Field Dictionary dictionary.xsd A listing of commonly used field definitions that can be used in CEE Events and Event Profiles. XSD CSV HTML
Event Taxonomy taxonomy.xsd Collections of Taxonomy tags that help identify and classify related events. XSD CSV HTML
CEE Metadata cee-meta.xsd Metadata provided in XML Schema xs:appinfo sections to provide additional information for CEE event, field, and tag definitions. XSD

CEE Profiles

This section contains the collection of community-developed CEE Event Profiles and requirements. Comments or questions are welcome on the CEE Discussion List or directly to cee@mitre.org.

Status: No profiles are currently available.

Page Last Updated: March 18, 2013