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CEE™ Common Event Expression: A Unified Event Language for Interoperability
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Field Dictionary

field type description domain object
acct xs:string Account Name   account
acct_domain xs:string Account Domain   account
acct_fullname xs:string Account FullName   account
acct_id xs:string Account ID, User ID (uid)   account
bootid xs:string Producer Boot ID    
dev xs:string Device name   device
dev_links xs:string Device node links   device
dev_node xs:string Device node   device
driver xs:string System Kernel Driver Name   driver
dst hostname Destination Hostname net system
dst_ip ipAddress Destination IP Address net system
dst_mac macAddress Destination Mac Address net system
dst_port xs:unsignedShort Destination Network Port net system
dst_prefix_len xs:unsignedByte Destination IP Address Prefix Length net system
exe xs:string Binary process exe path    
file xs:string File Name   file
in_bytes xs:long Inbound (Ingress) Bytes   system
in_pkts xs:long Inbound (Ingress) Packet Count   system
out_bytes xs:long Outbound (Egress) Bytes   system
out_pkts xs:long Outbound (Egress) Packet Count   system
p_ip ipAddress Producer IP Address   system
p_mac macAddress Producer MAC Address   system
proc xs:string Process Name   process
proc_egid xs:string Process Effective Group ID (gid)   process
proc_euid xs:string Process Effective User ID (euid)   process
proc_gid xs:string Process Group ID   process
proc_id xs:string Process ID    
proc_uid xs:string Process User ID    
prod xs:string Product Name   product
proto_app xs:string Network Application Protocol Name net  
rcv_time xs:dateTime Event Record Receive Time   event
rec_id xs:string Event Record ID   event
rec_time xs:dateTime Event Record Record Time    
sess xs:string User Session ID    
src hostname Source Hostname net system
src_ip ipAddress Source IP Address net system
src_mac macAddress Source Mac Address net system
src_port xs:unsignedShort Source Transport Port net system
src_prefix_len xs:unsignedByte Source IP Address Prefix Length net system
subsystem xs:string System kernel subsystem    


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