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CEE™ Common Event Expression: A Unified Event Language for Interoperability
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Calendar — 2012 Archive

Date Event Location Description
Oct 3-5 2012 IT Security Automation Conference 2012 Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland, USA SCAP/OVAL/Making Security Measurable booth
Aug 27-30 2012 2012 Information Assurance Expo Nashville, Tennessee, USA CEE/Making Security Measurable booth
Jul 25-26 2012 Black Hat Briefings 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA CEE/Making Security Measurable booth
Jul 9-13 2012 Security Automation Developer Days 2012 Bedford, Massachusetts, USA Free conference hosted at MITRE Corporation; OVAL, CCE, CPE, and SCAP are discussion topics; CEE briefing
Apr 2-4 2012 InfoSec World Conference & Expo 2012 Orlando, Florida, USA CEE/Making Security Measurable booth
Feb 27-Mar 2 2012 RSA Conference 2012 San Francisco, California, USA CEE/Making Security Measurable booth

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