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CEE™ Common Event Expression: A Unified Event Language for Interoperability
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The CEE Board works with the CEE Moderator (currently MITRE) and CEE Community to define the scope of CEE, provides input for CEE’s strategic direction, and advocates the adoption of CEE in the community.

CEE Board members are chosen based upon their ability as a technical expert, liaison, or advocate. Primary responsibilities for Board members include: attending board meetings (teleconferences); providing input into the strategic direction of CEE and each of its components; participating in the creation, improvement, and updates to CEE; actively following the CEE email lists; providing expert advice about CEE to the Community; and looking for opportunities and advocating CEE in the Community.


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Charter and Membership Requirements

The CEE Board is an advisory body that provides valuable input on the Common Event Expression (CEE) Log Standard — including its Dictionary and Taxonomy, Log Recommendation, Syntax, and Transport components — to the CEE Moderator (currently MITRE). While it is important to have organizational support for CEE, it is the individuals who sit on the CEE Board and their input and activity that truly make a difference.

The CEE Board’s primary responsibilities are to work with the CEE Moderator and the Community to define CEE, to provide input into CEE’s strategic direction, and to advocate CEE in the Community. Additionally, the CEE Board will be asked to make a judgment, in the best interest CEE, on any technical or strategic problem to which the CEE Community cannot reach a consensus.

CEE Board members are chosen based upon their ability as a technical expert, liaison, or advocate, and are expected to meet the following requirements:

In an effort to guard against organizational bias, a single organization may be represented by a maximum of two individuals with the expectation that one individual will be focused on strategic direction and the other individual will be focused more on technical decisions.


Page Last Updated: May 15, 2013