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CEE™ Common Event Expression: A Unified Event Language for Interoperability
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Event Taxonomy

tag class description parent_tag inverse_tag
access action Access Event    
account object User Account    
alert action Alert Event    
allocate action Memory/Space Allocation Event    
allow action Allow/Permit Event    
app object Application    
app domain Application-level Event    
audit action Audit Event    
audit service Audit Service    
auth service Authentication Service    
authorize service Authorization Service    
backup action Backup Event    
backup service Backup Service    
bind action Bind Event    
bios object System BIOS    
block action Block Event    
cancel status Event Canceled    
clean action Clean/Scrub Infected Object Event    
close action Close Event   open
compress action Compress Event   decompress
connect action      
connection object Network Connection    
copy action Copy Event    
create action Create Event    
db service Database Service    
decode action      
decompress action Decompress Event   compress
decrypt action      
depress action      
detect action Detect Event    
device domain Device-level Event    
disconnect action      
download action      
driver object Device Driver    
email object E-mail    
email service E-mail Service    
encode action      
encrypt action      
error status Event Errored    
event object Audit or Event Record    
execute action Execute Event    
failure status Event Failed    
file object File    
filter action      
find action Find Event    
flow object Network Flow    
free action Free Event    
fw service Firewall Service    
get action      
initialize action Initialize Event    
initiate action Initiate Event    
install action      
lock action      
login action Login Event    
logout action Logout Event    
memory object      
modify action      
move action Move Event    
net domain Network-based Event    
ongoing status Event Ongoing    
open action      
os domain Operating System Event    
packet object Network Packet    
process object Process    
quarantine action      
read action      
release action      
remove action      
replicate action      
resume action      
rule object Firewall, IDS, Malware, or similar Rule    
save action      
scan action      
search action Search Event    
session object User Session    
start action Start Event    
stop action Stop Event    
success status Event Success    
suspend action      
system object System    
thread object Processing Thread    
uninstall action      
unknown status Event Status Unknown    
unlock action      
update action      
upgrade action Upgrade Event    
upload action      
violate action Violate Event    
vuln object Vulnerability    
web service Web Service    
write action Write Event    


Page Last Updated: August 10, 2012